Copernicus Unites Around Pinhead Project

Copernicus Studios was behind the animation on this new anti-racism short from The Pinhead Project. The cast includes Nelly Furtado and Chris Bosh, amongst others, and the 5-minute short illustrates how the daughter of pinheads can learn to not be such a pinhead. The Girl With Pinhead Parents aims to teach that “racism is hate. Hate is a learned behavior.” Copernicus’ Andrew Holland was the animation director on the short, and he was joined by animators Philippe Tardif, Joe Acorn, Tim Larade, Adam Gunn and Ben Durrel. Compositing and editing was handled by Juan Cruz Baldassarre and Murray Bain.

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  1. Good to see that this short is getting posted around the net! Let’s spread its anti-racism message far and wide! It’s for a good cause! :)

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