Sexy Animation Too Hot For YouTube

starbarians teaserHarry Partridge created this new teaser for Starbarians, a Flash-animated project he’s been cooking, and uploaded it to his popular YouTube channel. While there’s no nudity in the short, YouTube nixed the video for being “too sexually provacative.” Luckily Newgrounds welcomed the short with open arms, and it’s already nearing 200,000 views. [NSFW - sexual innuendo and big, bouncy lady parts]



  1. “Too sexually provocative” doesn’t sound nearly as reasonable as a more concrete excuse. YouTube must be run by parents.

  2. “YouTube must be run by parents.”
    No kidding…
    I don’t like Newgrounds. Volume control is not present or hard to find?

  3. And yet billions of uncensored copies of ‘Amazing Horse’ remain.

  4. Hmmm…it was the planet with the big aeriola, wannit?

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