Cloudkid Releases Keyframe Caddy Flash Extension

I have to admit that Flash has begun to look like a real 3rd rate option these days, with Toon Boom taking the lead for 2D production. As a basic animation tool, Flash remains a solid option, but it’s going nowhere, at least for us animators. Adobe isn’t steering the software down a path that helps us, and older (arguably better) versions of the software cease to be supported on new operating systems. The only things keeping me interested in the future of Flash are the independent developers building animation-specific extensions. Below is a demo video for the Keyframe Caddy, which was developed by the Cloudkid team – consisting of Dave Schlafman and Matt Moore. The plug-in offers an animator a visual display of graphic symbols, which helps make tasks like lip sync much easier. I’ve seen similar plug-ins in the past, but this one seems nice and simple.

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  1. Wow, this looks amazingly useful. I’ve been swapping symbols to do my lip syncing, and this could cut down on that part of the animation by a tremendous amount. Thanks for the link!

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