Rubber House Backs The Big Winner

Rubber House, a new animation studio based in Melbourne, has revealed their latest studio promo. It’s a short directed by Gregory Sharp titled The Big Winner, and it was animated by Sharp and Ivan Dixon rather “traditionally” in Flash. It’s full of beautiful drawings, dramatic character animation and painterly environments that were created with a slick-looking painting software package called ArtRage. These guys are good.

Also, go check out Boat People, their entry in the MovieExtra Webfest.


  1. WHOA..! I wasn’t expecting that at all, very nicely done in every aspect…

  2. Thank you Al Pardo!

    Expect the unexpected with Rubber House :D

  3. ArtRage is great. It is simply the best digital paint software out there available for tablets. I dont ever bother opening photoshop anymore.

    Also I love this cartoon. :>

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