World Leaders Preparing Robotomy For Cartoon Network

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  1. Hey, thanks for the plug on our show! FYI – Robotomy is not Flash – it’s animated by hand the old fashioned way. I wasn’t interested in doing flash and luckily, the fine people at CN, understood. I hope you’ll check it out October 25th at 8:45pm!!!

  2. Author

    Whoops – I misunderstood an email I received. And I figured because Christy was involved it was animated in Flash like Superjail. I’ll move this post to lineboil.

  3. I was about to say.. wow that’s FLASH? HOW?

    Looks great either way, feels like SUPERJAIL but not as grotesque for the sake of it. Congrats on the show and give CN a good old pat on the back for showing cartoons again

  4. So THAT’S why it wasn’t at Augenblick- they do Flash! … I like the decision to hand-drawn, but why did that decision come about?

    And why did the video get moved to Lineboil?

  5. I knew Joe Deasy when he had a mullet, and not an ironic one either. It was glorious.

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