Dan & Jason Direct Confused.com Spots

Hornet Inc’s directing duo Dan & Jason recently delivered a series of new, animated spots for confused.com, a UK-based price-comparison insurance company. All character animation in this ad, titled Somebody To Love, was done in Flash and then the team composited the piece in After Effects. The lead animator on the job was Mike Luzzi, and full credits are below:


Directed by: Dan & Jason
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Producer: Jan Wohrle
Lead Animator: Mike Luzzi
Animators: Connie Li Chan, Jake Armstrong, Mark Pecoraro, Joe Andriola, Keelmy Carlo, Frank Summers, Joe Cappabianca, Rachel Yonda, Efrain Cintron, Lizzi Akana
Compositor: Yussef Cole
Editor: R.J. Glass
Produced at Hornet Inc.

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  1. I didn’t think it was possible to make that Confused.com character appealling in any way but they’ve gone and done it! very nice

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