Borutski’s Good Little Bunny

Jessica Borutski’s long-awaited film has arrived. Similar to her I Like Pandas short, The Good Little Bunny with the Big Bad Teeth is awash in cuteness, gorgeous character design and nod-your-head synth music. The story, while fun, is a bit wobbly, but the short is very entertaining and the visuals are 100% eye candy. Jessica designed, wrote and directed the short. She animated it along with Jamie Gallant, Bianca Siercke, Matt Shepherd and Krystal Georgiou. Congrats on finishing Jessica!


  1. Beautiful animation! I especially enjoyed the lush, panning backgrounds.

  2. cute cute CUTE! I loved it all. The backgrounds, character designs, the dramatic “mirror” scene. I even loved how the owl was always in a night shot. Super cute. BUT… the message of the story I got was that you can only get new friends if you’re pretty. Although I agree that people are rather shallow like that, I would have loved it even more if perhaps the bunny just had a piece of spinach in his teeth that he didn’t know about. Anyway, this could make a great commercial for an orthodontist’s office to get people with crooked teeth to want braces instead of getting kicked in the mouth by a donkey.

  3. Peeps over at CB were being strangely and extremely overly critical of her short… I think it’s cool and very well designed!!

  4. I happen to agree with most people on CB(*sorry jessica) I know this is a personal short that comes from the heart, and that’s great but to me it certainly isn’t anything to rave about. The design style isn’t new, the background music(*for 3 mins +) is a bit much and the overly-polished bg’s (*everything actually) makes the film look very Flash-y and static.
    But ultimately, personal films are a work of art. Just that if you put it online for everyone to ssee, you’re going to get criticism. And for one, I believe criticism is good. Just that some people take too overboard.
    Congrats on all the hard work Jessica. As long as you liked doing it, that’s what counts.

  5. Wonderful !

  6. That was really cool! Beautiful artwork! Congrats to Jessica! Keep doing what you do!

  7. It seems like a case of beautiful art not being able to save mediocre animation. The artwork is drop dead gorgeous, and from an illustrative quality it’s amazing. But then you look at something like the Dick Figures animations which have terrible art, but the ANIMATION: wonderful. It would be great to have both teams get together and make something truly incredible on both fronts.

    Also a good example of how important music is to a film! This could be a ton better if there was a better soundtrack.

    Great job overall though, and some awesome art.

  8. Sorry, but the garage-band-on-auto music ruined this for me. Surely something else could fit and still have the ironic vibe.

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