Buckle Up For New Dick Figures – Traffic Jams

Travel troubles have plagued so many this holiday season, and so goes life for Red and Blue in Episode 4 of Dick Figures. Enjoy Traffic Jams:


  1. Stephen M. Levinson December 30, 2010

    I really liked the first 3 episodes of this show, but this seems like more of the same. I’m looking for them to do something new with this.

  2. I personally loved this. The acting is spot-on and the voices are genuine and funny.
    In a way, I find this piece more entertaining than Jessica’s film.
    Not to bash all her hard work, but as a fan of true, traditional animation, the animation here is more fluid and original than her bunny film(*which seemed too overly-done with un-original design)
    At least here, though it looks unfinished, the animation-acting alone makes it stand out.

  3. phobius January 7, 2011


    jolly good show :P

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