Burnett and Wood Concoct BBC Science Project

Seb Burnett designed and directed this new pilot for a BBC science series. Peculiar Patents was produced for WONKY Films by way of BBC Scotland, and Burnett worked with a familiar conspirator, Joe Wood , who animated the piece in Flash (not sure why the quality is so crappy):


  1. Fonce Falooda December 6, 2010

    “(not sure why the quality is so crappy)”

    Wow, tough room! It’s no Miyazaki, but it looked nice enough to me.

  2. Author

    whoops – i wasn’t clear up in that post. i meant the video quality, not the animation quality. looks like it was a low-rez file uploaded.

  3. Fonce Falooda December 7, 2010

    Oh, okay, cool. Yeah, it did seem out of character for you. Like you were drunk when you posted it or something! ;)

    This is the danger of owning a massive HD tv. A lot of online stuff starts looking crappy. :)

  4. Author

    i think that’s exactly my case here. and i typically post these stories at 6 or 7am, so maybe it’s the previous night’s beers lingering around…

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