Doodles Unwraps High Kittie Christmas Episode

Remember last year’s post about High Kittie? It’s Gary Doodles’ completely cracked-out series, and episode two was released this week. It’s even more insane this time around, and the episode is so tightly-wound that you probably need a couple viewings to sort it all out. Here’s the Christmas-themed episode – You Log.


  1. matt d. lee December 22, 2010

    Merry mayhem! This is like a roller coaster with one perilously steep dive! Insane work, Mr. Doodles!

  2. DOOOOOOODELS!!! You’ve done it again you magnificent bastard. I’m extremely jealous.

  3. Sexy & Crazy. Merry Xmas indeed.

  4. WOW! that turned out awesome, i love it! Great Work!

  5. Doodles you talented man. Awesome work! Now you can rest until you come up with the next one.

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