Problem Solverz Animated in Flash For Cartoon Network

I got confirmation yesterday that this episode of Problem Solverz below was indeed animated in Flash. In fact, much of the crew from Fosters Home From Imaginary Friends (including Eric Pringle) worked on the project , which is now coming to Cartoon Network in 2011. It’s the creation of Ben Jones (Paper Rad collective, and the Adult Swim pilot Neon Knome) and Eric Kaplan (the story editor on Futurama, amongst other things). Prepare yourself – this isn’t your father’s Cartoon Network series:


  1. I didn’t know Mumbleboy was still working. Glad he finally got a series.

  2. Stephen M. Levinson December 8, 2010

    The shock value is too much.

  3. Eric Pringle December 11, 2010

    I wouldn’t give “much” of the Fosters crew credit on this gem. It was only 3 animators and myself from Fosters who worked on this.

  4. Honestly, I grew up with CN, I love it… but the new show struggles are unnecessary, though they have come out with some GREAT ones this year.. the current prime time and friday night blocks are the best they’ve been since they took fosters and billy and mandy out of production (If any decision makers are out there.. PLEASE give B&M another chance T_T) But there’s plenty of old and hilarious shows waiting in the old store room they can dust off and bring back that can get higher ratings than johnny test 5 episodes a day :\ (I watch too much tv between college classes)
    This would be another thing I think they should only show once a week.
    This show made me chuckle, and I’m definitely not hating it, but it seems like the animation insists upon itself… “Watch me because my animation is awkward with flash and the jokes are okay” To be fair it worked for 12 oz mouse and squidbillies, but I think this might be pushing it…I’m not trying to bring anyone down, I have alot of respect for the things these geniuses have been apart of, I just wanted to give a viewers perspective. And I’m certainly not doubting the quality or effort put in by guys who made it.

  5. This looks like some late night Mtv show for adults.
    Sorry but it is ugly, not corky.
    I’m not sure if my opinion is based on some “struggle of the generations” thing, but I can surely remember a lot of great shows from my childhood. And even if I can consider some of them stupid for my today’s standards they were just beautiful. Some of these shows inspired me to draw and I’m still trying to match the quality of most of them in my work.
    Now what kind of standards will today’s children have after 20 years.
    “Hey do you remember that ugly-@$$ show from cartoon network, I wish I could draw like that!”
    CN just sucks these days.

  6. T-Shirt Boy December 29, 2010

    This show is bad and anyone who worked on it should feel bad. At least 12 oz mouse was funny. Where’s the humor? I didn’t even crack a smile. And people are praising this as innovative and original. It’s not, it’s badly designed characters in a badly designed setting meandering through a badly designed plot, and this is supposed to be entertaining how?

    What’s next? Sonichu the Animated Series?

  7. Haters gonna hate. This show is gonna be the best thing Adult Swim’s put out in years!

  8. Brain i mean.. brian February 23, 2011

    yeah best show, not worst.

  9. Sammich April 11, 2011

    Ya’ll are just jelly at how epic dis show be. Seriously, this show has got to be the best thing to give me a seizure for a long time. ;D PROBLEM SOLVERZ FTW!

    P.S. U haters just mad coz u got some problemz dat need SOLVIN’!

  10. cheese12345 August 4, 2011

    I love the problem solverz, and no matter what anybody says about it I’m always gonna love it, and people have been saying that it should be put off of the air. If people don’t like it that’s their problem, if they hate it so much they need to stop watching it. I hate it when people can’t just get a life and stop trash talking the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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