Wanted: Private Flash Animation Tutor

I’m helping out a friend who is searching for a private Flash-animation tutor. Details below:

  • Working with 2 grade-school children in the Santa Barbera area
  • Looking for animator who enjoys teaching and working with children
  • Objective is to walk kids through an animated short from beginning to end, introducing the kids to the creative and technical process of animation
  • Dates: December 27th to December 30th
  • 6 to 8 hour days
  • $400 per day
  • A hotel room in the area will be provided if needed


  • must be able to supply Cintiq tablet for the lessons
  • must provide reasonably good microphone for voice recording
  • must have audio editing software and abilily to see a short film from beginning to end
  • must provide own transportation to Santa Barbera

If interested, please forward your resume and animation reel/portfolio to:
tutor [[at]] coldhardflash.com


  1. Woo! Totally interested and sending in the email now!

  2. Im very Interested!!!

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