Knowles and Ridges Prepare Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is a new, Flash-animated film directed by Craig Knowles and David Ridges. The story follows “a young girl who has her ice-cream stolen by a monster she meets in the park. Unexpectedly, the monster finds he has met his match as she begins her quest to retrieve her treat.” Craig and David animated the entire film in Flash, and then composited it in After Effects. The short was actually produced back in 2009 at Kilogramme in England, and it has since been on a successful festival circuit tour.


  1. Very charming. Nice pacing, too.

  2. loaded with nice bits… that was all proper and correct.

    I just met these fellows yesterday as it happens, their studio is stylish, they are all good looking and their personal hygiene is second to none… grand cup of tea too

    more power to their collective elbow

  3. Why can’t one comment on that Rey del Mambo video?

    That’s stuff looks amazing!

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