Take a Trip With Cross and The Pig Farmer

If an animated short can be ‘epic,’ Nick Cross’ The Pig Farmer is just that. Released on the web today, the 4:30 minute, Flash-animated film goes in a direction you almost certainly won’t expect – in a good way. As you begin watching, you may initially notice Cross’ use of soft focus and other blurring techniques, which gives the short a more filmic quality. This mixed with buckets of ‘traditionally’ animated characters and gorgeous paintings add up to a real feast for the eyes. Cross’ latest film is a success for him, but also for Indigogo, the fundraising website that helped him net nearly $4,000 in production dough. I sent a few sheckles his way, and I suspect some of you did as well. Well worth the money, no doubt!


  1. Great work, nice animation… “Well worth the money” as you said

  2. now that was animation

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