It’s That Time Again – Titmouse 5 Second Day

5 Second Day is back at Titmouse Inc. It’s the yearly excuse to let the artists in the building harness their inner muse (or demon) and share it with the world. As usual, the 5-second rule isn’t enforced. You can see them all over at the Titmouse blog, but below are some favorites:

Manchild Quickie by Joe Cappabianca

Extinction by Ryan DeLuca

Buffalo Chiken by Matt Taylor

Mike Roush

Hulk Smash Galactus by Shay Lurie

Wilderness Watchers 1034: The Wild Purple-Footed Gooseboy by Parker Simmons

Flash Crash by Mike Moloney

Marina Gardner


  1. IBerov March 2, 2011

    I like Musicbox, but laughed more on “Wilderness Watchers 1034″

  2. duzitickle March 2, 2011

    musicbox… i loved it. kudos to mike roush.

  3. Moloney March 2, 2011

    Yay! Go titmouse! Great job NY people, amazing animations!

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