LowBrow Comedy Short – Transformers Fail

Mike Parker’s LowBrow Studios has been producing animation for a number of web outlets, including CollegeHumor, Dorkly, FunnyOrDie and Explosm. The latest, titled Transformers Fail, is for Break.


  1. Thanks for the post Aaron!
    I really need to get moving on the LowBrow website…I’ve got like 3 old business names for sites that don’t really make any sense :)

  2. Author

    it’s a never ending battle, no doubt. i’m actually in the middle of a modest overhaul to this site. gonna add a jobs section to help get some folks some weeeerrk! sounds like that hasn’t been a problem for you. well done, my good man!

  3. Bwakathaboom March 3, 2011

    The joke as also done in the Clerks animated series back in 2000. Still funny, though!

  4. I did the run cycle. Yay!

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