Titmouse Locks Down Superjail! Season Two

Superjail! is set to return for a second season on April 3rd at midnight (ET/PT) on Adult Swim, bringing one of the most violent and warped TV series back to your eyeballs. While season 1 was animated out of Augenblick Studios (who have their hands full with Ugly Americans), this new season is being produced at the new Titmouse studio in NYC.

In this behind-the-scenes clip below, we learn that Jackson Publick (co-creator of The Venture Bros.) is the story supervisor, and they’re knuckling down to add even more full-animation to the show. Along the way, you’ll hear from Superjail! co-creators Stephen Warbrick and Christy Karacas, and two members of the character layout team Tom Marsan and Joe Jurewicz. What I enjoyed the most from this clip was that Superjail! is called “an animator’s show.” You don’t often hear that about something produced in Flash.

For more on the series, check out our exclusive CHF interview with co-creators Stephen Warbrick and Christy Karacas.

[APOLOGIES - only viewable to our US readers]


  1. Impossible to see the video out of United States…f*** !

  2. tredlow March 16, 2011

    This show is f***ing retarded. Each episode barely has any plot, the writing doesn’t makes any sense, and the animation looks like some crackhead’s hallucination.

    In other words; one of the most awesome things I have ever seen. Don’t do drugs, do Superjail.

  3. You know, Titmouse LA also worked on Season 2 of Superjail…

    It’s Bi-Coastal, mofo!!

  4. Best show I have ever worked on, and Parker, you and the rest of the Titmouse LA crew are the best MOFOs out there. We kick ass, guys and gals, whether east or west!

  5. that tom marsan is one hot piece of ace, if you know what i’m saying.

  6. This is a great show.
    Like “Adventure Time” it’s animated!
    It’s not a bunch of Illustrator graphics talking to each other.
    Can’t wait to see the new season.

  7. Isn’t the rest of the world good enough to whatch this or what’s the matter??


    I’d love to animate on it

  9. international viewers can watch the video here


  10. Thanks Ad !!

  11. katherine April 3, 2011

    I am beyond stoked for the return of the senseless death and violence that is Superjail. This show makes my life so much better. :D

  12. The disappointing that Augenblick isn’t doing season 2. I religiously watched and admired the first season of superjail; I also barely made it through the first episode of the 2nd season. Augenblick lent a lot of style to that show, and it’s unfortunate Titmouse felt the need to animate it like it was a broke Tex Avery.

  13. Corey Watson April 18, 2011

    Augenblick definitely lent more than design to this show — I enjoy how so much more of the show is animated, but the way people’s faces flop about when they speak is a bit unnerving and strikes me as quite peculiar when compared to the first season.

    Another touch that is possibly due to Titmouse is the use of really generic hard-rock music samples, most likely created in-house by an adamant drop-d shredder on an Ibanez. The bizarre overtones of the first season’s music fit the motif so much better.

    Love Superjail, will continue to watch, but the first season definitely stands out as the Superjail I wish I was still watching.

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