Carlo Invites You To Science Fare

Some high-quality stuff from Mike Carlo just landed in my inbox. It’s a 4-minute, Flash-animated short titled Science Fare that seems likely to end up being pitched to CN, Nick, Disney and the rest. Mike Carlo directed and animated, with some help from Joey Cappabianca on the animation front. Lot’s of ‘traditional’ animation in here – solid designs and vivid characters. Kinda surprised that this was NSFW… but sure enough there’s an Fbomb half way through.


  1. Are you sure that was animated in Flash? Upon closer inspection of the drawings, they look like scanned pencil drawings.

    They probably used Flash to color.

  2. Author

    the information I received said i was animated in “Flash with photoshop BGs, and edited in AE.” i’ll see if I can get Carlo to chime in….

  3. Hey Guys,
    The whole short was animated in Flash using a CS3 and a cintiq. It’s all hand drawn, because that’s how I like to do it, but paper is just too impractical for me especially with my schedule. The Bg’s are all drawn and colored in Pshop, and then the whole thing was put together in AE. I really wanted to try to make this look as traditionally as possible, and it seems to have worked. Thanks again to everyone who digs the short and keep watching. Thanks.

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