Nieuwland Directs New Lake of Stew Video

Justin Nieuwland was recently commissioned by Lake of Stew, six-piece acoustic string band from Montreal, to create this throwback music video for the track Hey Bully. It’s a beautifully crafted homage to early, rubber-hose animation from the likes of Bill Nolan and Ub Iwerks. Nieuwland directed and edited and he had a small crew helping animate (full credits below).

Justin Nieuwland – Writer, Director, Animator, Editor
Ian Westoby – Backgrounds
Andrew Holland – Animator
Bianca Siercke – Animator
Jamie Gallant – Animator
Jeremy Donovan – Animator
James Walsh – Lip synch keys
Joe Achorn – Animator
Philippe Tardif – Animator
Scott McDonald – Animator

via Ron Doucet


  1. Cheers! thanks guys!
    Here’s to Cold Hard Flash!

  2. this is flawless.

  3. haha, well this is the first I’m seeing and hearing of this lil project! damn it Justin!!!

    Looks cool, I dig it!

  4. OMG. This video is so cool. Like, it’s so rad. I’m using it for a project. LOL. So goo000o0o0o0o0o0od.

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