Six Point Pulls Pizza Quest From the Oven

After BearShark and Dinosaur Office, the next CollegeHumor animated series aimed at the Nintendo 3DS is called Pizza Quest. The animation on this one was directed by Joel Trussell, via Six Point Harness Studios.


  1. Just watched this on my 3DS. Very cool!
    Nintendo should open this up to more than 4 videos at a time.

  2. Mike Parker August 9, 2011

    Did you happen to watch BearShark? I worked on that one, but I don’t own a 3DS. Very curious to see how the 3D came out.

  3. @Mike

    It’s really cool to watch 2D cartoons in 3D on this thing. They did some nice things on the Bear Shark one, for example the character falls toward cam etc. Looks really nice.

  4. Mike Parker August 11, 2011

    Very cool! Thanks

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