Titmouse Offers Tour of China, IL

On October 2nd, Adult Swim will reveal their latest animated series, Brad Neely’s China, IL, which has an 10 episode pick-up. Titmouse, Inc is handling the animation out of their LA-office. Mike Mayfield, who I was lucky to work with years ago on his pilot Boogies, is serving as the Supervising Director, Grif Kimmins is the Animation Director on the series, while Daniel Weidenfeld (EP of Super Deluxe, brother of Adult Swim exec Nick Weidenfeld) is co-EP of the show. The original 4-part web series was produced in Neely’s signature ‘slideshow’ format, but the TV series is being “fully” animated in Flash. Gone is Neely’s organic, inky line quality, and that’s going to take some getting used to, but I’m thinking we’re in for something special next month. Here’s a behind-the-scenes assembly, hot out of the oven:

[media id=172 width=425 height=339]


  1. I can’t stop watching this! Nice work guys. I’m a HUGE fan of Neely’s web shorts. Can’t wait to see the full episodes.

  2. I’m a crazy fan of Brad Neely and I’m really hoping this is as good as his short films.

    It’s a high bar, but hopefully they can pull it off.

  3. Love me some Mike L. Mayfield!

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