Barflies Belly Up For New Toonhole Short

Following up on his Lemonade short, Ryan Kramer has launched another Toonhole short, titled Barflies. Animated in Flash and composited in After Effects:


  1. Hey Aaron, thanks for the plug! While this film is in similar style but not quite as funny, it’s actually not Ryan Kramer’s film but actually Chris Allison’s film. I have to take responsibility because I don’t want to tarnish Ryan Kramer’s good name. He might have a future career in politics.

    Thanks dude!

  2. Hey Chris,

    Great job on the animation here, kool layouts & compositions, transitions, funny stills. (that 151 gag & the jager were def some of my favs) Nice work all around, really fun to watch…

    I saw a couple of tests for this on your blog a while ago, and I was excited to check out the finshed version here…

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