CTNX Panel – The Upside of Uploads

CTNX today, I hereby invite you to a 2pm panel discussion that will alter your entire view of the world. But before I invite you to that panel, I’d like to tell you about a panel I’m moderating called The Upside of Uploads: YouTube Animation Success. We’ll be in the Panel Room from 2:00 to 3:15 and I’ll be joined by some of the giants of online animation – Ed Skudder and Zack Keller from Dick Figures, the mighty Arin ‘Egoraptor’ Hanson and the muscle behind Explosm’s Cyanide & Happiness series, Dave McElfatrick and Rob DenBleyker. Seating is limited to the first 6 million people who utter the secret phrase “I’m Dressed as Lord Tourettes” so don’t dilly dally one bit, folks. But in all seriousness, the gang joining me on stage are all mavens of their craft, and I urge you join us, because 5 panelists will enter and only 4 will leave. Be there!


  1. Really wish I could’ve checked out this panel Aaron! Will there be any transcripts online?

  2. Aaron – thanks so much for participating. I heard your session was great. And yes, we were video taping and will be posting on CTN animatin eXpo vimeo channel sooooon. Thanks again. ~Tina Price founder CTN

  3. This was the panel i really wanted to see–I’m really bummed I missed this–are they (CTN) going to upload the vids for 2011 like they did last year?

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