Mister Coo Breaks Free in New Animated Music Video

If you’ve been following Nacho Rodríguez’ animation career, you know him for his Mister Coo series and his animated music videos (like his animation for the band Jumbo). Well he recently found a way to merge these two factions of his career with a new 3-minute music video for a track titled Ça Ça Mirlaquerr by the Barcelona-based, Pearl-Jammy band (lo:muêso). Mister Coo stars as a gestating seed who fights to emerge from a primordial mudball creature, blah, blah — just watch it. Rodriguez again shows why he was crowned the winner of the Flash Animation 10.

via Corey McDaniel


  1. good effin job man. my mind is blown.

  2. wow. Brilliant.

  3. I literally cannot stop watching this. I’ve probably seen it at least 15 times since Wednesday. What in an inspiration! Nacho definitely has a level of animation knowledge/sophistication to strive for.

  4. just fantastic!

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