Thanks To Our Sponsor: CrazyTalk Animator

CrazyTalk Animator, an all-in-one software package that increases your productivity by allowing artists of all skill-levels to create characters from photographs, or image files, and animate them with mouse movements or an intuitive puppeteering panel.Create animations in minutes and export them in SWF format for use in Flash designs, Flash Banners, App Designs and Flash games. Check out this demo video below and click this link to show your support for CHF and CrazyTalk Animator.


  1. Nice to see you’re getting new sponsors. The software looks like it has some neat features, but I’m assuming this is designed for those that always wanted to create characters and animate but don’t want to spend the actual time to learn. Pretty much for non-professionals? Maybe it’s me, but it seems as if real creativity is not involved here.

  2. Hi Michael, I’ve used CT for many years and actually CrazyTalk is designed for both sides of the spectrum. — for beginners that wish to do easy animations — for PROs who already have their characters created elsewhere and wish to animate faster.

    There are a lot of comments about CrazyTalk, which some I think are pretty unfair. As most people don’t even bother to download the trial to find out for themselves.

    What CrazyTalk offers is the chance to animate your characters in a more organic way as you can puppeteer characters in real-time, and not just use the animation profiles that come with the software.

    So you can import and customized your own characters, and you can create your own animations if you wish. I hope that helps. =)

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