Polyakov’s Latest Work Belongs to Huggins

Lev Polyakov’s latest work is an upbeat music video for the musician Colin Huggins. The track is titled My Heart Belongs to You, and I believe Polyakov used Toon Boom for the production.

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  1. Hey Aaron,

    Thank you so much for the plug! Actually, all the animation was done in Flash.

    The wireframe backgrounds were traced off flash and then painted in real life, followed by scanning them in a very big scanner and cleanup/labeling in Photoshop

    All the SWFs (3 continuous chunks with some exceptions for scenes where the BG layers overlap) were imported into After Effects where they were grouped with all the BGs and then given some cosmetic adjustment via effects like “Glow” “Gaussian Blur”, “Fast Blur”

    That’s all the production tools in a Nutshell! :)

    The only other thing to mention is the discovery of using a PS3 controller to triple drawing and coloring speed. I don’t know if others have done this already but if not I’ll gladly explain it.

    PS: I have yet to really sink my teeth into ToonBoom, though I’ve heard great things about it. It’s really a matter of finding the time to go through it thoroughly.

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