Unsustainable Growth Drives Birdo’s Escalade

The latest animated short from the Brazillian team at Birdo focuses on the topic of sustainable consumption. Using an alegorical format, directors Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet tell the tale of a competitive population living wrecklessly on a cube-shaped island. Character animation was produced with Flash. Full credits below for their short, titled Escalade.

Direction: Luciana Eguti e Paulo Muppet
Script, Storyboard and Design: Paulo Muppet
2D Animation: Paulo Muppet, Pedro Eboli, Luciana Eguti
Animation Assistants: Rafael Gallardo, André Nakao
3D Animation and Modeling: Luciana Eguti, Antonio Linhares
Compositing: Luciana Eguti, Antonio Linhares
Production Assistent: Flávia Luz
Original Soundtrack: Daniel Tauszig
Sound Design/Mixing: Guile Oliveira
Voices: Bruno Peras, Guile Oliveira
Thanks to Fernando Peehalho, Amir Admoni, Guilherme Azem, Cayto Trivellato, Milton Miné

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