Ace Pilot Cut Scenes

Hans Van Harken and his co-director Justin Pruitt have released a new game last month titled Ace Pilot over on Newgrounds. The game also includes elaborate cut scenes, which were animated in Flash and After Effects, lead by character animator Kevin Tan. Along with artist Carlos Ubillus, Van Harken and Pruitt went to great lengths to build out a compelling story around the game play, while Nath Milburn handled all of the compositing. Here’s the first cut-scene video:


  1. Hello!

    Thanks for featuring our work! I do have one request however. Kevin Tan was the character animator for all the cutscenes. He really was one of the key talents in these clips. If you could add that to the post it’d be mighty fine. That guy deserves that credit.

    thanks again!

  2. I really appreciate mentioning Kevin Tan’s much deserved credit!

    Thanks a bunch.

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