Online Animation Pioneer Edd Gould Passes Away

Edd Gould is no longer with us. That’s a mighty blow. Edd was a major pioneer in online animation, with massive followings on YouTube and Newgrounds, and one funny ass dude. His second bout with leukemia proved more arduous than the first, and he passed away on Sunday. We’ve posted Edd’s hysterical work here a number of times in the past, and I recall how pleasant he was the first time we exchanged emails back in 2008. I tried to politely explain that his shorts (which at the time we rougher than his more recent work) weren’t a perfect fit for CHF. He took this news like a pro, and then went on and built a huge empire on YouTube that proved the error of my ways. By 2010, he was on the BBC, and at the time of his death, he’d amassed 400,000 YouTube subscribers. A real loss of a true talent. Here’s a tribute from his regular collaborators Tom Tomska Ridgewell and Matt Hargreaves:

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