Lloyd the Rock’n Unicorn Screens At Channel 101

Mondo sponsored the Channel 101 after party last week, and Colin Fleming’s Lloyd the Rock’n Unicorn got a solid reception from the audience at the night’s earlier screening. I was surprised this didn’t get at Prime Time nod. [NSFW - language]


  1. TempleDog April 9, 2012

    Y’know, I really liked this! Lil’ development, could make a kick-arse series. Deconstructing ‘happy land’ culture from the point of view of a regular shlub is a great concept. Mebbe a Mondo Mini-Show? I’d subscribe.

  2. Woah! Thanks posting my short Aaron! I’m working on Episode 2 as we speak, so there’s more on the way!

  3. I loved it! Great humour and timing!

  4. Love it! Can’t wait for Episode 2

  5. Fun fact: Colin Fleming also created the visual effects and co-directed (with John Garside), the retro sci-fi “Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid.” Its exciting to see his new projects getting noticed and garnishing such positive attention! I look forward to seeing Lloyd become a Saturday morning cartoon!

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