Asbjoern’s Latest Deposit – The ATM

Rikke Asbjoern (The Furry Pals), has revealed a new short she created at Cartoon Network last year. The ATM was intended as an intersticial, and all of the animation was produced in Flash. Full credits below.

Written & Directed by Rikke Asbjoern,
Art direction & BG design Chris Garbutt,
Storyboard, animation & character design by Rikke Asbjoern,
Compositing by Celine Desrumaux,
Editing by Jamie Foord,
Voices by Rasmus Hardiker and Jess Macdonald, Music and SFX by Dave Newby and Paul Chauncy, Final Mix by Hackenbacker, Producer Lola Gamester, Executive producers Michael Carrington and Daniel Lennard.

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  1. mattb May 11, 2012

    This is just the loveliest!

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