JibJab Celebrates Our Hero Dad

Unless you are a father, you must skip from Saturday to Monday this weekend, bypassing Sunday altogether, as this 24-hour period is known the world over as Father’s Day. This will allow us dads to spread out a little bit, drive on emptier streets and fart with less fear of someone walking into our stench bubble. And if someone does stumble into our fart cloud, it’ll be another dad who will understand that a butt-burp is, contrary to what moms say, actually really funny and not a shameful moment. More on what dads do can be found in this clip from JibJab, who have revealed a great new animated music video for Father’s Day – Our Hero Dad.

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  1. matsuri June 16, 2012

    Hi, I love this video
    I speak spanish and I need the lyrics for the song of this video please

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