Meet PigGoatBananaMantis!

Behold PigGoatBananaMantis! That’s the title of a new series concept created by Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan. Animated by Nick Cross (who has now moved over to ToonBoom Animate), the ‘mini-pilot’ introduces us to 4 characters who all grew up in a treehouse together, bonded by a common Uncle. It’s gorgoeous to look at, and full of funny and vivid performances by actors like Candi Milo (Dexter on Dexter’s Laboratory) and James Urbaniak (Dr. Venture and The Venture Bros).


Created by Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan
Written by Johnny Ryan
Directed by Dave Cooper and Nick Cross
Animation by Nick Cross
Art Direction by Dave Cooper
Music by David Burns
Sound design by Ray Gould and Wayne Bartlett
Voices by Matt Jones, Candi Milo, Tom Wilson and James Urbaniak

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  1. TempleDog August 13, 2012

    Dave Cooper’s designs animated by Nick Cross?!?!? My nipples tingle with delight! Any word on it’s chances for getting picked up?

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