Zeurel’s Flash Animation Tutorial

Joshua ‘Zeurel’ Palmer offers up a tutorial on the topic of how to animate a cartoon in Flash. It’s surprisingly short!

Is this same thing happening to you when you use Flash?


  1. Haha…funny !! and yes, it happens sometimes.

  2. I laughed a lot harder at that than I thought I would. Amazing acting on that guy!

    Hey if anyone wants to raise money quickly, just put a swear jar next to a bunch of Flash animators.

  3. Tip top cartoon. Lovelly movement. Not entirely true but flash does have it’s quirks

  4. is there anything better than Flash yet?
    I m lost with html html5 css js jquery ….
    chrome firefox IE safari with many versions counting every week

  5. ain’t this the truth!, thats why I down-… ahem-cough- legally purchased Toon Boom.

  6. So true. ‘Tis the reason I can’t get stuff done in flash (that, and my lack of attention) ;~;

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