Chinese Graduate Pours on The Song For Rain

The Song For Rain is Zheng Yawen’s graduation film from his studies at Communication University of China. Yawen used Flash and TVPaint along with Photoshop and After Effects on the 8-minute production. It feels more like a production of a 20 year animation veteran from France.


  1. I am the director of The Standing Rock International Short Film Festival and I am trying to contact Zheng Yawen to ask if we can show his film “The Song For Rain” at our event. Does anyone know how I can contact him? His e-mail isn’t posted anywhere on the websites I have found that feature his work. Contact me at if you know how I can reach him.

  2. Wow you people like that?, Gee, it is so ugly, the animation is typical chinese, VERY stiff and lifeless, only people that knows nothing about animation would like some ugly chinese trash like that!

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