Dear Flash Team – Please Make Adobe Animator

I somehow missed this when it came out last Fall, but it’s a really compelling proposition to the Flash folks at Adobe. Anyone else feel the same?


  1. fear not, for the program exists: it’s call toonboom animate.

  2. This software has been out for 15 years, its called Flash…

  3. Maybe.

    Why they did not attempt this long ago baffles me. Since the company has not then I can only conclude they really don’t see money in it.

    The tools would have to be better than everything else. That shouldn’t be a problem. But, if they haven’t done it yet then I can only guess they still see motion graphics and video as mattering most.

  4. I actually wrote a similar open letter last May.

    I think the part rick is missing is the fact that animators don’t need the programming/actionscript features, or at least not the full bang. Adobe seems uniquely suited to try this.

  5. Im happy if Adobe buy cinema 4D software and incluid it in cs7 packege whit adobe logo on it,….

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