Free SWF to Video Converter From Newgrounds – Swivel

Mike Welsh, a software engineer working at Newgrounds, has finally revealed Swivel, a SWF to Video converter…. THAT’S FREE! Their next step is to get it working on the vast archive of SWFs uploaded to Newgrounds, which will allow users to enjoy the site on mobile devices and tablets. Here’s Jazza’s review of their release:

via Sean McKenzie


  1. Impressive

  2. Downloaded this last night and gave it a try. It’s quite good. I’ve been a Moyea user, but this accomplishes what Moyea does for free. It also carries over the 3rd party camera moves that I use in Flash. Nice!

  3. Sorry, Swivel does not work either. I wasted more than an hour trying to get this @#$@ to work.

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