MAGFest’s Flash Animation Super Panel

This past weekend, Flash animation gods joined forces to share their knowledge with a rapt audience in Maryland. Assembled for the MAGFest Flash Animation Super Panel were Arin Hanson (Egoraptor), Chris O’Neill (Oney), Zach Hadel (psychicpebbles), Will Stamper (Stamper) and Cory (SpazkidIn3D). One question that caught my attention was “At one point did animation start paying the bills?” Oney’s answer is right – “once you start getting millions of views.” Here’s the best video (taken by animator Sphoje) I could find from the 1 hour event, and you may want to crank up the volume to hear it all clearly. (and you might want to check out the Game Grumps panel too).



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  1. So by “Harry Partridge” you meant “Arin Hanson” (Egoraptor)?

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