Rich Corrals Animators For MLP:FIM Student Fan Film

Zachary Rich, an animation student at SCAD, has chosen a very unique project for his graduation film. He’s producing a six-part, fan-made episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, titled Double Rainboom. Rich has somehow received written permission from Hasbro to produce the film, a feat that seems almost harder than producing the animation itself! In preparation for production, he built very elaborate puppet rigs (over 50 mouth symbols) for 9 characters, and assembled a crew of what must be 30 people to help him see the project to completion. Here’s a promo for the project:


  1. TempleDog February 7, 2013

    This pony thing has gone far enough. Having sed that…i’d watch it. (Full disclosure: I’ve already worked on 5 MLP-FIM games for the Hub. And REALLY enjoyed it. And have watched all of the first two seasons of the show. So yeah, pretty much full o’ crap.)

  2. This makes me ashamed that I went to the same school as this guy.

  3. TempleDog February 11, 2013

    Uhh…the same school as Zachary, or the same school as me?

  4. Well I think if went to the same school I’d be kinda proud. How often does someone get permission to work on large IP, who’s content is done entirely in flash, with 30+ people? The fact that its aiming to be show quality should speak loud enough for itself.

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