April, 2013

Atwater Bathes In Producer’s Show Attention

Melanie Atwater’s 3rd year CalArts film playfully tackles the topic of the leering, horny male, otherwise known as ‘the internet.’ …

Jackson Animates Dog Blog Short at CalArts

Using Flash and pantomime, Charlotte Marie Jackson recently crafted Dog With a Poetry Blog during her studies at CalArts. It’s …


Flash Animated Music Video For Binary

Tom Bunker and Nicos Livesey have crafted a music video for the London-based band Binary that strips down the visual …


Dogsnack Blasts Off To Gassy Planet

What happens when you fart in a spacesuit? I have no idea, but that does bring us to the topic …


Perel Lawyers Up For Latest Animated Short

Please rise for the honorable Yotam Perel. His latest animated short, Lawyered, is ready for it’s day in court. Enjoy: