Geiger’s Nickelodeon Pilot Surfaces

Mike Geiger just revealed a pilot he crafted for Nickelodeon International back in 2009. It looks like the series won’t continue on at this point, but he’s offered up a recap of the process on his blog along with a look at the pitch bible.

Created / animated / designed by: Mike Geiger
Music by: Daniel Ingram
Voice director: Tammy Semen
Voice of Leroy: Jonathan Wilson
Voice of Sharkbait: Bailey Stocker
Background color: Paco Sorto
Script: Jono Howard
Storyboard: Jamie Leclaire
Nickelodeon Exec Producer: Leanne Preston

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  1. Everything from his drawing style to his cuts to his humour screams Geiger and that, in my opinion, is eight thumbs up

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