Rich Releases MLP:FiM Student Episode – Double Rainboom

Back in February, we wrote about Zachary Rich’s graduation film, Double Rainboom. It’s one of the more unique approaches to a student film, because he reached out to Hasbro and got permission to create a 30-minute episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The big surprise (spoiler alert) is that he also employed the Powerpuff Girls. The connective tissue here is Lauren Faust, who wrote on PPG, and then went on to create and write on MLP:FiM. Only through animation is something like this legitimately possible. A student trying to recreate a live-action episode of Arrested Development wouldn’t be able to create an experience that even comes close to the original. Double Rainboom isn’t ready for TV, but it’s certainly in the ballpark, and quite an achievement.

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