Disney’s It’s A Small World Becomes An Animated Series

It’s A Small World, the animated series, is soon coming to an internet near you. Based on the 50-year old Disney theme park ride, the animated series has been brought to life by Powerhouse Animation. The ride, which first debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, was designed by Mary Blair, the legendary Disney artist who made her mark on films like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Powerhouse has done a wonderful job of faithfully injecting much of Blair’s original look-and-feel into this new show. Here’s the trailer:


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  1. [...] Yesterday we recorded our final episode of the season. Our first 2 episodes of It’s a Small World goes live on Tuesday, November 26th. On Tuesday I will give you the link(s). On Wednesday I can share which characters I play and any other interesting info. The show is beautifully animated and very sweet. Top brass is happy and we hope to be back for another season. All I can say is, I have really loved working on this show! The people are great and the talent top notch! Here is a quick write up and the trailer: Click- It’s a Small World. [...]

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