Flash-animated Feature Named #1 Animated Film of All-Time

The UK newspaper The Guardian just revealed their Top 10 Animated Movies list, atop which sits Ari Folman’s Waltz With Bashir. As we revealed here 4 years ago, the project was produced with a combination of Flash animation, traditional animation and CGI. Read our interview with animation director Yoni Goodman.



  1. grahaeme@gmail.com November 21, 2013

    Dear Peter Bradshaw,

    While unique and emotionally interesting, Waltzing with Bashir is stilted and oddly paced that leaves it well below the pieces in the same list. Even were it animated as beautifully as Iron Giant, or as masterfully designed as Persepolis or even as emotionally jarring as UP it would still be missing all the other elements that combine to make those films well-crafted pieces. WWB seeks to be edgey and atmospheric but is flat and lifeless in it’s use of flash. The characters are stiff and the pacing meanders. It’s an interesting film but weak in comparison to something like Waking Life, which embraces it’s process and flatness. The list should be called, “my-super-subjective-list-of-animated-films-based-on-my-first-weekend-with-Netflix”.

    Actually, I stopped being upset after I read this sentence:

    “It is hyperreal and at the same time unreal: a bizarre dreamscape in which reality is morphed into something between two and three dimensions.”

    It was here that I realised Peter Bradshaw was a simple undergrad student and this was an essay he wrote for his Film Theory class which he was obviously failing.

    Yours Sincerly,


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