Renegade Bites Into 50′s Style Wienerschnitzel Campaign

Renegade Animation, known for their work on TV series like The Hi Hi Puffy Ami-Yumi Show and the upcoming The Tom and Jerry Show, have produced a new TV spot for Wienerschnitzel, the American fast food chain. The first of many, the new ad features a ‘cartoon mondern’ style popularized in the 50′s on series like Mr. Magoo and The Gerald McBoing Boing Show. DGWB Advertising made the right choice with Renegade, as in-house director and studio co-founder Darrell Van Citters wrote the book on Mr. Magoo – literally. He released a well-reviewed ‘making of’ book Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol back in 2009, and he’s got a new one focusing on Jay Ward coming out next Monday. Full credits below.

Agency: DGWB Advertising, Santa Ana CA
CD/AD: Jon Gothold
ACD/CW: Courtney Betley
Agency Producer: Amy Krause

Animation company: Renegade Animation, Glendale CA
Producer: Ashley Postlewaite
Director: Darrell Van Citters
Production Manager: Andy Jolliff
Storyboards: Alec Megibben & Darin McGowan
Animation: Alec Megibben, Jason Beirut, Rob Fendler & Jason Plapp
Design: Sierra Lewis
Cleanup: Michelle Kowalski
Composite: Andy Jolliff

Audio: Singing Serpent, San Diego CA
Chris Fulford-Brown: composer, final mix
Glen Galloway: exec producer


  1. Kenny Lee Lewis November 14, 2013

    So refreshing to see an almost lost artform that us boomers all grew up with. Get’s my attention!

  2. Sandra Steinberg November 15, 2013

    Reminds me of the commercials we saw at the drive-in theaters doing the 50s and 60s. Absolutely love it!

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