Watch a Sneak Preview of Nick’s Breadwinners

A new Flash-animated Nickelodeon show is nearly out of the oven. Breadwinners, EP’d by Steve Borst and Gary DiRaffale (aka Gary Doodles), features the vocal stylings of Robbie Daymond as SwaySway and Eric Bauza as Buhdeuce. Bread-delivery is their game, and in advance of the February 22nd TV premiere, you can watch a full sneak-preview episode over at (also at Amazon). Thug Loaf follow the ducks’ adventures in the bad part of town – “the lower Yeast Side” (see what they did there?).

I teamed up with DiRaffale back in 2010 to help distribute his series High Kittie on Mondo’s YouTube channel, and it was clear then that he had a very energetic, funny voice. So it’s no surprise that he’s landed a TV order. Here’s a promo clip:

And for anyone still reading, enjoy this comparison of the original short that got Nick’s attention and the version Nickelodeon helped release. Fascinating!


  1. So glad to see this one getting made. The promo has the same energy as the original short.

  2. Joe Corrao January 30, 2014

    Great stuff.

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