Adult Swim’s Mr. Pickles Pilot

The pilot for the new Adult Swim series Mr. Pickles somehow welds together the 1950s TV series Lassie with the ultra-gore insanity from Super Jail. Series creators Will Carsola and Dave Stewart have also injected a heavy dose of sharp social commentary into Mr. Pickles’ world to ensure this is more than just a multi-episodic sketch. For instance, they riff on YMCA’s Indian Guides, and instead of going to the great outdoors, the boys and their troopmaster visit a lazy ‘Epcot’ version of the wilderness complete with microwaves and animatronic animals. Its full of loads of double-entendre sexual situations and brutal murders, and if you can stomach that I think this show will hit your sweet spot. The pilot was produced out of LA-based HotHouse Productions.

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