June, 2014

Fighting Cancer Instead of Wrestling a Hangover

Hangovers can be a thing of the past, at least for a month. That’s the idea behind Dry July, a …

Did You Know: Whales Are Narcoleptic

The latest installment in RageNineteen’s series L.I.A.R. series introduces a long list of verified and completely factual animal afflications.


Hamilton Releases Pig Into Online Pasture

Oliver Hamilton’s 2013 student film, titled Anorak, follows a pig on the trail of evil kidnappers. While he may look …


Renegade Hangs Five For Wienerschnitzel

The team at Renegade Animation keep on cooking! They’ve made at least a half-dozen, Flash-animated spots for Wienerschnitzel, and the …


New Cyanide & Happiness Episode is Haunted

An all new episode of Cyanide & Happiness finds comedy at the intersection of life and death. Haunted visits a …