Joe Cartoon Invites Bill Plympton To His Shack

Joe Shields, aka Joe Cartoon, is a legit internet legend. His shorts and interactive cartoons were viewed hundreds of millions of times, long before YouTube was even a concept. These days, Joe has yet another name to go by – it’s ‘Cousin Joe Twoshacks,’ for when he’s strumming his guitar and cutting albums, like the just-released collection called Rocks & Toads. He’s no stranger to music, which he’s infused into his animated shorts for years, but more recently on his YouTube channel he’s been revealing a new approach. His work is more thoughtful, reflective, beautiful and dare I say serious. That’s not to say he’s not taking on lighthearted material, like on the playful, devious track Deep End.

To accompany this new album, Joe decided to wrangle some of his favorite animators, including Bill Plympton, to produce the music videos, which are all available now for purchase at and google play. Here’s one of the videos, which was animated by Alex & Lindsay Small-Butera, the Baman Piderman duo:

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