Spooky Nick Idents For Halloween

Here’s a series of idents that Nickelodeon commissioned for the 2014 season. They were recently nominated for an Emmy award. The team used Flash and After Effects.

SVP, Creative Director Design – Matthew Duntemann
SVP, Creative Director – Jay Schmalholz
VP Creative – Anthony Gelsomino
VP Creative Strategy – Laura Lundgren
Director of Production – Sarah Jackson
Animation Director – Chris Papa
Design Director – Jennifer Cast
Art Director/Writer – Shannon Macneilage
Associate Animation Director/Writer – Rob Kohr
Line Producer – Kate Brennan
Project Manager – Dana Burkart
Graphics Manager – Alessandra Sutera
Digital Animation Supervisor – Dennis Shelby
Illustrator – Martin Allais
Senior Producer – Dennis Shinners
Producer – Eugenia Azevedo
Animators – Jason Clarke, Nelson Diaz, Scott Kennell
Sound Design – Gina Zdanowicz
Sound Designer – Spencer Bambrick, Brett Graves,
Digital Animators -Tyler Kakac, Pablo Smith

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  1. animationjunkie December 3, 2014

    pretty nice, but 24 people credited with making 53 seconds of animation!?
    I would love to know how much it cost and how long it took.
    -anybody know?

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